Tralala, future or no future

I love talking about future plans, where to go, what to do and also listen on my friends plans. Well, more right to say, I enjoy listing to my friends with a goal and aims, the people who want to do something more then just work after BBA. In my ears work after BBA sounds like they think they can get a good job and start to build a life in Sweden and have a typical “Swedish-family” life. A typical “Swedish-life” is to have a house, kids, a job from 9-5, a Volvo and of course a dog. Already now, some of my college friends are talking about where to buy a house and they are only a year older then me. Scary and nothing for me at all. I have no clue were ever it is a good idea to buy a house or a flat.
Well, on the other side, I think it is interesting to think how different people plans about the future and wants different things.
Well, I might be the person who think way to much about the future, but that is who I am. Without any aims, I would be very lost and have huge problem to see where my current situation will lead me. I need aims to orient myself. of course the aims changes over time, but the main points do not change they are the same. For example the main aim is I want to study more after BBA but wherever I want to study MBA or Master, that might change till the time I have to apply.

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