Paneer palak


Today dinner was at a small Indian restaurant near to Sveav√§gen. The restaurant is family own and decorated with bollywood pictures and gods. It was little “dirty”, not the latest style or decorations, so there for it felt like being in India. The food was okay, or more right I my dish was the best. Panner palak, cheese with spinach. While my company ordered chicken which did have any taste.


The naan bread was too thick but tasty.
Over all the restaurant was good and I realized how much I missing the food. The masala, gravy and bread.

Weekend after a paper

Finally, my exam is over, I can not say it went good. Well, there is always opportunity to do the paper again.
beside of the paper, I am very tired from last night,most likely I did not get enough of sleep. The time is 6 pm and my eyes are too heavy and i want to go to bed to take a nap for an hour. But, that is not possible because, I am going out for dinner to celebrate my exam is over? No, more right to be able to eat something.

Let see where we are going, hopefully not to far away from my apartment, it is going to be a early night!

Of course I had two bowls of khakra, honey and milk today for snacks. I have to look for khakra here in Sweden. I NEED IT!