Early morning

My plan for today was to have a sleep in and wake up without a alarm. But, I woke at 5:30 with a screaming empty stomach. With an empty and hungry stomach is not an easy task to fall in asleep again after a woke up.

Today plans are to go to college meet up a friend to study for the upcoming exam in Financial strategies on Friday. I am a bit scared for the exam, because normally we can figure out the important questions based on the old exams papers questions. On the other side, this paper is horrible, we can not figure out the important questions. It is impossible. There for it is very important to study on EVERYTHING.
Then, in the evening at 5:30 I have to visit the gym.

The photo is from a friend from the roof on the house. Pretty lovely view with the sunset.

After a month or so

I think and hopefully I remember right, I have been going to gym the for over a month. Also, been at the gym 3-4 times a week (I am pleased with myself, to mange college, work, gym and social life). Well, why I am writing about my work, I think I start to see the differences. Of course it is not the same as in India when I followed a strict diet and had a PT.
Nowadays, I am going to the gym and a sort of aerobic or dance classes, mostly for fun. We shall not start to talk about my diet…. I eat when ever and also how much I want. But, the best part is, I have lost all my sweet tooth. I have totally lost the intrestes in sweets, ice cream and the junk food.


However, with my work out and the food. I think I am getting a result. Or at least I am feeling much more better nowadays. A reason can be I am doing something which does not requiring thoughts and the mind can relax but on the other hand the mind has to be present. More right the mind has to be focusing on me and not college or work or on anything else then on me and the leader (so I am following the leader right). The feeling during the work out, is great. My face is shining with a huge smile and the sweat is slowly pressing up. But during the time at the gym, I am so happy. It feels like I am kicking ass, even if it is nothing special with my work out. But I am happy!
Also, I miss the time when I was very much in shape, to be in that shape takes too much time (I gave may be 2 hours every single day in the gym) and the diet… Nowadays I do not have the time, at least I can mange 3-4 times (45 min for every oppertunity) which is enough with my time table.

Well, been there done that

What shall I say, I do know, I just do not know.
Somehow the days are passing by too fast. Way too fast. During the evenings when I washing a TV-show and drinking hot milk, I am trying to reflect the day and finding the high lights and the less pleasant parts of the day.
For today, I am willing to say the whole day has been okay, nothing special. First of all I have been working and then laundry time. and on top of that the less great part is I woke up at 5 am, and took the first morning train towards Märsta, is that not a bit depressing? On the train was me, some other early worker, or worker who just finished the shift and the last night party people. At that time on the train it is possible to hear all sort of talk. In my point of view, the talk I can hear is not how awesome last night was, not at all. Instead the talks are about how drunk they are/were and what sort of crazy things they did. It is just sad. How can people do that towards them self? Or have I skipped the stage in my life with the parties, drinks and late crazy nights? What is the normal thing for a teenager/young grownup? However, why should I care?
As long I am happy and have a goal to reach and work towards the goal. So, before the summer holiday starts, the last 11 weeks are going to be hard on me. Because, I am eager to start studying and preparing for my applications.

A friend of my told me to apply to Indian universities for my master, well I have to inform her, that is not happening. I want to explore new countries, learn a new culture, meet new people and gain new knowledge. I want to breath in, live a different life. I want to explore! Only to think about the future makes me wanna apply NOW. But, one thing at the time, first I have to pass financial strategies. Then the paper about oil and financial behavior, after that I can FINALLY start!

BTW, the photo is taken near to my family’s house in India. In that area has many houses and flats, but on one spot people have built up metal houses. The people are living with the horses and goats and autos. The air stink of the animals and I would say it is not the best place to pass by. But on the other side, all the roads have slum and that road has the smallest slum only ONE.
Also, I do miss the energy Pune’s air has. India has something which I have never met before and then I have been traveling to many places earlier. It is wired how life can change over time…

Never tried this before

Yesterday evening after my work out at the gym I visited my parents house to have a lovely dinner with them. For a reason I have felt I have not visit them for sometimes. But, on the other side, I visited them last Tuesday. Is it wired how the mind can create non-correct feelings, thoughts and memories.
However, yesterday at my family house my mom had bought with her from abroad a sort of bread which I have never seen before.
Before eating the bread need some oil, salt and heat up a little bit. In my opinion the bread did not taste amazing, but with oil, salt and a bit warm made the bread to taste good. So, I am looking forward to eat it again.
On top of everything, I do not understand a word of the package.

Searching and searching but can not decied

I am trying to find which universities are good and the requirements. There is a huge and deep sea with universities and I have not any good knowledge of universities abroad beside the very top universities. But they are more or less impossible to be accepted. There for I am looking for other good universities but my lack of knowledge does not help me at all to judge were other the university is good or not. I am using international ranking sides and try to read about the universities. But, still I am lost.
Also, if I apply to 5 universities I have to pay a administration fees around 100 euro for each university. Due to the situation I have to be sure about which universities I want to apply to.
Let see, let see, nothing is sure.
In the end I might just be in Sweden… Who knows?
Has anyone tips?

My Metro book

In the evenings at home I have a book to read, the book think fast and slow. Because of I really need quite and calm place to concentrate. Therefor I have an other book for the metro and local train.
It feels I am in a mood of Islam and Palestinian. I do not know why, but right now I feel for read more and get more knowledge. There for I am reading this book “three cups of tea”. The book is about a man climb  K2 and got lost after a day or so comes to a village without any school. From that moment he is dedicated to build the first school in that area.
Interesting book!

Late dinner

After my work out a dance class with ugly dance. Ugly dance are exactly how it sounds, ugly dance steps and only for fun.
For dinner I travel to my parents house to have dinner with my family. We spoke about education, work and life in general. I have missed this sort of talks. Some talks are impossible to talk with friends and at the same time some topics are possible to have with parents.

My fast food was made of different hot dogs and spinach also with cross tomatoes.

Veg dinner

My friend and I met up at 7 pm for a walk and afterwards a dinner.
This time was my turn to diced what to make. Also, important to not to forget is I do not own a oven.
However, i came over a good recipe, but of course I needed to add some garam masala.

  • 200 g tofu
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 pack (little bit more then 200 g) black beans
  • 1 red onion
  • curry
  • salt and black pepper powder

Add onion first, fried then tofu for some minutes. After we added red pepper and black beans. final touch was the spices.
Beside we cooked rice. I am planing to cook all my white rice so I can start to use my wild rice from Canada.

Mail from the summer job

I got a nice surprise today.
Not only I needed to collect a mail from India on my way home from college.
However, in my hall I found a letter from my summer job. In the letter we got a nice letter and a symbolic of money and a triss.
Also, I have decided to work some days during this summer holiday. Because I do like my job, good peer worker and bosses. Sometimes we have crazy much work and other days very relaxing and hard to kill the time.
On top of that, I am very glad for the job. My first summer job and not my last on either.


Green gurry Chicken

I am so pleased with this dish! It tasty good, well on the other hand, it was not hard to make. A reason can be I used all ready mixed green curry powder, there therefor what I needed to do was to cook the chicken and add what ever I wanted and in the end add the coconut milk and the green curry.
In the green curry beside of chicken, there are potatoes, green peas, kidney beans and soya beans also the most important garlic and onion. What ever I had. This dish take almost no time to make, may be 30 minutes with half frozen chicken breasts.
So, I think I got 4 lunch boxes! Thank good because I really needed to prepare boxes, because this week will not be fun at all, a lot of presentations and studies!