Finally I got my certificate from Folkuniversitet. Earlier I never understood the point of saving certificates, but now nowadays I have change the point of view.
The reason is I might need to show my certificate to future class, work or anything.
So I am pleased to get a certificate for Arabic.

I am scared

The sun is shinnying, the temperature is decent outside. the sky has some clouds moving slowly. The weather is typical early spring weather, perfect time to be outside suck all the sun in and the air. My situation is the totally opposite. I am sitting inside the college and studying. I am too scared of the paper, I have to pass, because  do not want a backlog in this subject. Really I do not want.

There for I have with me coffee, vegetables, fruits so I can be in college till 8 or so. Let see. But one thing is for sure, I will not go to the gym today.

Before November, I have to have an answer

Sometimes when I am looking back over the past years, there are things which I wish I could change or experience everything again. But, the thing is, what ever has happened is in the passed and the major point is to not make the same mistake again. Learn for the pass, but that is easier said then done.
In my case, if someone tells me do not do like that, I should try with an other way. Still, I have to try in the first way to experience how wrong it went and then try in an other way. Only because the person MIGHT be wrong.  I have to explore by myself and try the way I think is right before I follow an advice.
I wish I can explore thanks giving (never been in America during thanks giving), Holi (again), Diwali, Christmas, some friends birthdays and much more. And grow, grow and learn new culture and traditions.

Sweden and I are in the end of our relationship, (soon?) we will have a pause or a break up for sometimes. So both of us can relax and get energy for a meeting in the future. During the pause, I want to visit a new place for studies, somewhere else, anywhere else, beside India. The reason is, India and I have a hate/love relationship. We can stand each other for a month or so, but a year would be harder. Still India is calling me everyday, oh, how much I miss my families and friends in India.
I am so lost right now, the dead line is November, before November I have to have better answer then, I need a break from Sweden.

Exam soon


On Friday is a big day, or may be more exam in financial strategies. The worst part is I have not figured out what is the very most important to study on.
I know I have to study on some articles but what will come on Friday. Study, study and study.

This so me…

Just in a second I cut my finger on a metal sharp thing in the kitchen. Not on a knife or or broken glass. No, instead I cut my finger on a sharp, metal part from a kindle holder.
So, the cut kept bleeding and bleeding for 30 minutes while I spoke with a friend in India. Because the cut kept bleeding, I needed to get help by my parents. Then after more 20 minutes we got the information to visit the hospital.
In the end the nurse clued the cut and told me cover the part with bandage for 2 weeks. Well, this is what happens when you are not careful.
So much fun I can have.

A good view

Well, today was a good day. First college with studies and in the afternoon a work out.
But, the weather was horrible, not at all like the weather on the photo. Nowadays the air is cold and chilli. The photo is taken at Slussen, the view from slussen is great, I love it. Might be one of the few views I really enjoy in Stockholm.
There are some other places with lovely view too, such as the bridge from Hornstull to Kungsholmen, more or less any view with water is great.
However, I wish the new slussen is starting very soon, because Slussen as a place is just horrible.

Early morning

My plan for today was to have a sleep in and wake up without a alarm. But, I woke at 5:30 with a screaming empty stomach. With an empty and hungry stomach is not an easy task to fall in asleep again after a woke up.

Today plans are to go to college meet up a friend to study for the upcoming exam in Financial strategies on Friday. I am a bit scared for the exam, because normally we can figure out the important questions based on the old exams papers questions. On the other side, this paper is horrible, we can not figure out the important questions. It is impossible. There for it is very important to study on EVERYTHING.
Then, in the evening at 5:30 I have to visit the gym.

The photo is from a friend from the roof on the house. Pretty lovely view with the sunset.