Valborg and dinner

Today is Valborg, which mean big fire all over Sweden.
So, what is my plan for the evening? It is very simple, dinner witha friend and my home. I thought to have tortilla with chicken nuggets (simple, simple). Then, if we have the energy go to a fire. But, what is the point of visit the fire? No of my old friends will be there.
While preparing the food and cleaning my flat my radio was playing bollywood songs and I was dancing around. One thing is for sure, Bollywood makes you wanna dance.

Never ending fight

For two days ago I had my second meeting with the speech therapist. At this meeting she gave me the document about my dyslexia with the results from the tests and what sort of help she recommends.
Well, the thing is, I have known as long I can remember about my dyslexia. The reason is, during the ago when babies/kids start to talk, I was still quiet and therefore late with it. At that moment they had me tested and the result was dyslexia. So from the early years in kinder garden to the last year in high school I have had weekly meetings with speech therapists and special teachers. Some of them never tought I would manage high school and specially university, but here I am at a university and also soon done with my bba (hopefully).
As you can hear, I am aware of my dyslexia, but, the thing is too see and read the results is hard. Too read about the problem after an other problem make it feels like a list which never ends. The document is providing slaps in the face, which does not end as long as I am reading the document. Then after reading the document my mind is starting to thing why can I break the reading cod? Why can I read faster or why do I have mix up words?
On the other side, think if I did not read on my spare time, how bad my result would have been then!

Right now I wish I had an answer on how to break the reading cod. But, I do not know how.
In the end, dyslexia is a part of me, and it will never go away. Might say, it is a endless fight and if I give up, dyslexia has won over me.


One thing is for sure, dyslexia is not stopping me to live anywhere I want!

Open up

“Three cups of tea” is completed after months. The reason the book took me sometimes was because I read the book on the local train and journey does not last long enough to finish 5 pages. Well, the story is inspirational for not giving up and also there are humans who knows how to help countries in need and the fight has to be by books and nothing else.
I can not understand the book is about Greg’s life, the book is a real life story. Well, may be it is time to realize all people do not live the typical house, car (Volvo), dog and kids life.

So during the last pages of “three cups of tea” I started to think which book should I read now. Should the book be an other book of religion, or about India and something else such as philosophy. However, my mind made a clear chose, I am going to try to read “The Pashtuns, The unresolved key of the future of Pakistan and Afghanistan”. The previous books have been about Pakistan and Afghanistan so this book might be a good end of my exploration of the Stan countries.
A reason why I want to read about the pashtuns is because I want to gain more knowledge and try to understand something more about the Afghanistan and also about the Tailbans.So hopefully the book will provide some sort of light over the sea of blackness in my mind. My huge lack of knowledge in this filed is a bit of embarrassing. Well, keep the fingers cross that this book won’t be too boring to read or have too many non common words. Then the book might never be completed.

THe summer dresses are out

I do not know why, but for the last days I have been thinking about wearing a summer dress. The thought has been nagging me for days and I can not stand anymore. The thought has been there and won’t disappear till I wear a dress. Therefore in the morning I took finally down my summer clothes box. During the winter all my summer clothes packs down i storage boxes.
Also, I have done some window shopping and saw long dresses are still in and with some decorated motives.
Well, sure my dress is in black, but I think the dress is going to be great to wear this summer too. The dress is of course from Label Ritu Kumar.


Because it is still a bit cold in the evenings I am wearing a a par of leggings under the dress. Also, I am going to wear a sweater on top of the dress.


Coffee from not the common food store. Well, the coffee from the food store are okay to drink during the days but while having guests over it can be nice to provide some special. Therefore I am very happy to get Ethiopian coffee and also coffee from a country south America. Is that not pure luxury? Because Ethiopian coffee is suppose to be one of worlds best coffee producing country. IMG_7880

Spring lovely spring

This weekend I have been busy with studies and work. The work has been calm and very few phone calls. Still, the work is a lot. I got the time to read my book I have only 20 pages left.
Today the sun is shiny and I am sitting inside to find the data and laundry. Hopefully I get the time to take a walk in the evening.
Spring is such a lovely season, I wish we had spring more often and skip the winter season. How will I survive next winter when it is dark, cold and no life?

Can I learn to make this things?

Some months ago the book sale was going on and as always during the last weeks with the sale the store sell the books for nothing. Therefore during the last weeks, it is possible to find if the person is lucky to find good books for no money at all. Well, with my weakness for chocolate and the enjoyment from baking I got a book about how to make pralines. I have only tired to make pralines once or twice before, as you can understand I am a big beginner.IMG_7877
May be I did not get the book because I am suppose to start making pralines. Instead, the book was a gift because of the beautiful photos. The photos of pralines, cookies and other sweet yummy things.

Amazing, amazing photos in side the book. Which make me wanna try every single pralines. Who knows how much time I get during the summer to try to make this.

Wired food never ending


This was a wired food. Well yes, it is good to try new food. But, this, this way it is sometimes bad to try new food. This plate of food is from the American snacks corner. On the photo you can see baguette, with meat under the pommes frites in barbeque sauce. Was the food good? What I heard was the dish was not that great. It was okay, but not that special. Mostly unhealthy and nothing for people who want to be fit. Well, better to try then miss the cold corn of good dishes.

found something old


Somethings are hidden in boxes and easily to forget. Especially the small, non special things, the simpleness. Then looking on a photo from the pass and start to wonder where are the earrings and so on. Then, also starting to search for just the specific earrings.
That is how I found this earrings which I bought in India. Then when I came back home I stop using the bigger earrings and preferring smaller earrings, such as pearls and gold earrings.