Vapiano no thanks

Today for lunch, at 2 pm (which is way too late for me and more snack time) I met up a friend of mine from Brazil. She is here  as an exchange student and is very sweet. We have not been able to meet so much, due to our timings. However, today we finally met and had a nice lunch at Vapiano.
The restaurant  Vapiano, is nothing for me. In my eyes it is nothing special. The food is fresh, because they make the food when in front of your eyes but it is very small portion. A dish, cost around 100 SEK, which is okay. But I prefer K25 over Vapiano.
Also, I do not really like the environment in Vapiano, the dishes can stand for sometimes on tables before any workers collect them. Second, why is it so popular? You get your food at different times if someone order pizza and other order pasta and so on. Then you have to wait and the food get cold and so on.

Well, a good thing is how they manage with the payment. I would say that is the only positive thing. I can of course go back if my friends wants to go to Vapiano.

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