What a day

I have no idea how the day passed by but somehow it did.
Well on top of that, I had a great meal with my parents. In the end, it did not turnout that good.
I was registrationWP_20150406_005 some work on a website when the site crashed and I needed to fill in all the documents again (I hate when that happens). Seriously almost every time I have to fill in a form the internet crash. Why is it happening to me?

Then when I was at the metro station, the train left the platform and I needed to wait to the next metro. As you can hear my day has not been that great.

Time to drink tea without coffin and do some more work.

Here comes dumplings


For some days ago I went out with a friend, we ordered a huge order of dumplings. Dumplings with pork, beef, duck and salmon. Well, the sadness part was, non of them tasted as good as the “seven sisters” dumplings in Viman Nagar. I do not know how they make the dumplings at Seven sisters. But man, they taste like heaven.
This dumplings in Sweden, was a bit dry, but pork dumpling was the best and the salmon was less good.

Also, I feel a bit irritaded, I woke up an hour too early by myself and could not fell asleep afterwords. Guess if I am going to be a sunshine after work.

Easter egg

Yesterday was a slow day at work or at least the last hours. But, when I arrived at the office saw I got a easter egg in my box. Not a small egg either, a bigger egg then the normal size! Guess if i was surprised, I did not expect to get anything.
So for I have only open the egg to see what sort of candy is inside and we got chocolate inside! LOVE it, chocolate is the best.

However, today after my shift 8-5 i am going to my parents house and give the easter egg. No sweets are allowed in my apartment. Due to overeating risk.