A long day is finally ending

I have no idea where the time went. Somehow the whole day passed by too quickly. Especially at work, we got non-stop calls during the the 3 first hours. On the other side, the last hour was a bit slow, almost no calls.

Well, on top of that, I think tomorrow will be a good day. The reason is: study at home, write the research paper, go to the gym and in the evening will be delegated with Rotaract. While, during the day the weather will some what warm around 15 (if we are lucky) Which mean, I have to take a walk tomorrow too. Hopefully, the spring has arrived here and will stay till the summer comes.


Beautiful old town in Stockholm. Lovely to walk here during the summer evening/nights. Sometimes it feels like I am not in Sweden in Old twon, because it is different from the rest of stockholm.


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