No time to lose

As many people know the time passing way too fast. Also, that is what is worrying me with our bachelor research paper. how to mange all we have planed with the limited amount of time?
I do know, or I know one thing, there is no time to loose.

Well, on top of that I am feeling a bit of a geek, with looking up the stocks historical price for at least 15 companies and 5 events with 11 days of event windows also on top of that the estimate windows of 120 days. As you can hear, it is a lot o numbers. To handle the data collection my computer and surface are in use. One is to see stocks price and on the other I am writing it down in a Excel. Well, I hope we will mange this paper!
Somehow this heavy work is fun, to search for theories, older articles, to read and analysis. On top of that, make our own research. Fun, geeky and suite me perfectly!


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