Strong coffee at 9 pm

I went to my parents house for dinner and also to print out information about Mary Kom. Basic thing, to do a good interview needs information. Well, what else?
Yes, I made this big mistake again, to have two cups of strong coffee at 9 pm after the dinner. Why do not I learn that coffee is not that great idea to drink. Not even coffin free tea is a good idea to drink after 9 pm (Which I am having right now)…
Well, at least I do not have a late evening sandwich, but it sounds too good to have it. Bread with fried egg on or ham and on top of that some vegetables. WP_20140330_010

Mary Kom movie

I am so excited to go and watch the movie on 14th of April. The movie is about a women from the northeast of India directed by Omung Kumar. The movie is based on Mary Kom a five times winner of world cop championship. Well, the most incredible is I am going to meet Mr. Kumar and interview him. I can not believe I am going to meet a Bollywood director Omung Kumar!

Theatrical release poster depicts a boxer, looking sightly angry, standing. The boxing ring and audience are in the background. Text at the bottom of the poster reveals the title, tagline, production credits and release date.