My flat start to look like a home

For some weeks ago my building had a housebreak in in the attic. I saw that they had been my “cell” part of the attic and empty some of my boxes. Therefore we emptied the whole place and moved it down in to my apartment. Moreover, I have been living in a chaos, big boxes stood in front of my window, boxes and table were in the middle of my only room. The feeling I had was I am either moving in or moving out.
Well, Now, finally now I can actully walk around in my room without being scared to walk in something or fall over a box.
Still my room is not completely fixed. For example my clothes are hanging on a metal wardrobe, which I have to change. Two big boxes are remaining in my apartment. On the other side, it feels so good to have the floor back.


Also, the photo is taken when I had just moved down all my things, there for little extra chaos. So many peaces of clothes I have! I did not think I had that many, but I do and surprise, surprise, I do not need to buy any more dresses or jackets for years. Is it good or bad?


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