One of my life loves


Yes, if I needed to choose between cheese and sweets. I would choose cheese.

If I needed to choose between cheese and ice cream, I would choose cheese again.

Sometimes, I can get a huge craving forĀ  cheese, and when the graving hit me, nothing can stop me, if I start to eat it. Well, I think that is the only think I have a problem to control over. On the other side, how often do I have cheese at home, which is never.
I remember when I was in India, I got sometimes code red for cheese. The only thing I could find for a good price was paneer because Indian cheese is too plastic even worse then US cheese. While the imported cheese is a bit too costly for a student.

A gift which is too good

So, for some days ago I met aunty and we spoke about upcoming events in Stockholm.
Well, before I left, aunty gave me a gift. A Bollywood movie! I am very weak for bollywood movies, with the stories and the song with dance. Back to the gift, aunty said this is a very good one and a good part is, I have not watch the movie before.

Hopefully, I will enjoy the movie. Most likely I will watch the movie in some days. Isn’t aunty too sweet?