So here I am again

The clock is almost 00:30 am and I am not a bit sleepy. Well, the reason is very simple I had a cup of strong coffee for sometimes ago (again). Maybe the worst part is in 5.30 hours my alarm clock will ring for college. We are meeting today to organize our work and manage the time table. I do not look forward for tomorrow, college from 8-4:30ish and then a dance work out and most likely I am going to fall a sleep be for 9 pm. Some nights are just like this one, impossible to sleep and then after some evenings like this one, the body feel too heavy at 7 pm but you force the body to stay awake to 9 pm at least. Then after 9 pm it is official okay to sleep.

Well, today’s function was very lovely. I will write more about it tomorrow. Because now I have to remove my makeup and try to calm down.


Hot chocolate with whip cream, the best thing ever, beside all the energy….


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