Today is the big day

Since the morning I have had a crazy feeling, almost the same feeling as I have before a paper. Lack of concentration, ants in my pants, hard to sit still, all this and a mind which can not concentrate that good. Well, all this because of this evenings function.
I am going to meet the director of Mary Kom, and interview sir. How big is this not? I think I have never done anything like this before. This is huge!
Also, in my eyes Bollywood is bigger then Hollywood. You might wonder why, because India produce doubt amount of movies then Hollywood. I might have to confess, some of my favorite actors are in Bollywood.
However, for this event I have an idea of what sort of clothes to ware, but still I am rethinking and wondering do I have an other top or dress to wear. The invitation letter says informal, in what amount, because this event is organized by the ambassador of India. Which mean at least, properer dress


The photo is from the holi celebration.

Before the evening’s function I have to study. More right, find the price on stocks, this process takes a lot, a lot of time. 5-6 hours for an event with 21 companies….


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