Who am I?

Just a student who want to move from Sweden after BBA. Many people might think, she want to move to US and work and then live in US forever. Just like many other young adults. But, if you have follow my blog since I started you might have seen US-dream is nothing for me. No, I have other dreams. I fell in love with a country which is totally opposite with Sweden. That country is my home too. India.

Well enough about India, I think I can make anyone tired with my talk about India. Therefore, I can drop this information about an upcoming event in Stockholm. The Ambassador of India has requested me to be a part in the fashion show in Kungsträdgården during 23rd of May. Of course I could not say no. Back in India I did a fashion shoot for last year students in Symbiosis but back then I had the time to spend 2 hours in the gym. Sadness part is I do not have the time in Sweden anymore.

So, I request you to come to Kungsträdgården at 23rd of May! It will be a lot of good activities with yoga, dance, food and much more. Of course a fashion show!
So who am I? Just a young women trying to make my own way in life. Trying to follow my own dreams.

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Now I have met Sir!

Well, yesterday as you know I went for the movie Mary Kom. I must say I loved it!
First, I thought this is not very much of a Bollywood movie, because of the lack of songs and dance. How wrong could I be? The movie is still very Bollywoodish. They have conected Mary Kom fight or knock out with her babies hard operation and how both of them a loosing. But when the baby get back the heart beat, Mary Kom get back her strength and do an awesome match. In that way, this movie is very Bollywoodish. When the hero is falling and everything looking dark, in a second everything turns out the opposite.
Well, yesterday evening was little bit stressful and due to the limited of time, we could not make a interview. But, but at least I had a short chat with sir! Happy me. On top of that, I got a photo with sir.

IMG_7764 - Copy

After the movie, we were invited for dinner with India’s ambassador. At the dinner I met people in the movie business, library and also theater. I would say a nice mixed of people. With song performances and lovely food.

Some of the products are good and other less

One thing I am good on, well I think almost every women who use make up are good on this. And that is, to remove the makeup every evening. Well, all at lest you need good products for that.
I would say cliniqui has good product to remove the makeup. My favourite is the cream cleanser because my face feels like baby skin afterwords! On top of that, the cleanser remove very effective the make up. While on the other side, Lancome for sensitive eyes is less great. I do not know why really. But there is something I do not really like with it. Sometimes, how much I try to remove my mascara with Lancome. The next day I have a black shadow under my eyelashes. Therefore when Lancome is finally over I have to get a new eye makeup remover.

Can you recommend any good eye makeup remover?