A short trip can turn out to be a long


Well, a trip with a person liking to take photo can take as long as to take a walk with a 3 years old kid. We both like to stop up and look around, especially on beautiful, different things such as flowers, insects.
Well, I think I have figured out what I wish in birthday gift a lens and a Photoshop program. Because would it be nice to upload some what okay photos on the blog? I think so at least.
However, on the top photo you can see I tried to take some nice photo on the red flowers… Well, now when I am looking the photos, they are not that great. I have to practice. On the other side, I am very thankful the good nature rocky mounties have, because the nature lift up the photos just a pinch or so. The Rocky mounties and Himalaya are the places I have visited, and may be, just may be the places are a taste example of heaven.
IMG_2114Think of hiking in Rocky mounties for a week! That would be so cool. Really cool. But would it be safe due to the bears?

Order pants from a freelance fashion designer

While my time in India, I got to know some fashion designer students. The designer campus is located in the same area as my old management studies college.Therefore we got to know each other, by friends friends. As you most likely know how it works.10153973_757027750998675_9023986642820296323_n

Therefore after some thinking I have decided to order a par of amazing pants from a freelance fashion designer. The designer’s name is Devika. The pants are high waist and wide also overlap. With a cool print the pants are too die for. So this designer is going to make a pattern, get the fabric done, get the pants stitch up and then send them in a parcel. I am so excited. Hopefully I will get them till the summer. Think like this, a night out or dinner with friends would be very nice. The pants with a black top.

The picture is from the final project for the fashion student, the designer got 100 marks, full pot. As you can understand she is very talent. A great designer. I wish I can see more of her work, may be order more.