elephants in the city


Can we not get the summer now? A summer with sun and the heat, beside the colds and chill winds. But, who know when it will arrive, also when the summer has arrived the heat might be unbearable for me.

Also, tomorrow I have to find a store to give my external hard disk for reparation because I want to my photos.
The photo with the elephants is one of the few photos I have left from my trip to London. Also, the hard-disk was my back up and now my back up has broke done… What shall I?

Tea, tea and tea

There are so many different tea sorts and brands which I have no idea excites.
Well, tea flavors which I have is ginger, peach, early grey and many others. The only tea I really do not prefer is red berries tea, taste horrible.
But right now I am having mango tea.
Hopefully I will soon get more tea from all the worlds countries.

Good morning!

The sun is shining, mostly the air is extremely cold. But who care , because today is Saturday!
For most of the people it means weekend, but not for everyone.
In my case, it means studies. My writing partner and I have a huge presser to write about our data collection and how the research was done.
Well, beside of the paper, my plans is to work out too. I did not go to the gym yesterday because my body needed a rest. I have started to feel if I do not go to the gym, my body become a little bit restless… Therefore I am in extreme needs of walks if I do not go to the gym. But walks are nothing compare with workout hour.


The photo is taken for 1 year ago or so. During the best season in Stockholm, the early summer/late spring. Stockholm is so beautiful, may be stockholm is a nice summer city. While on the other side, Stockholm is a less great place to be in during the winter…