Project for photos

So wired, for months my external hard drive has not worked. Instead of working it has given the sadness little sound when ever I plug it in to my computre. Therefore I went to my brother to get help and guess what, at my brother’s place the external driver worked without any problem and when I came home it worked again! That is why technique is not my cup of tea. Also, thenique should not have they own life, but they do. So wired, and irritating!
However, I got most of my photos, but the worst part, a lot of my photos are still missing. A lot. photos for 6 months in India is gone. When I’m thinking about it, I get a huge pain. But, at least I have the memories left… But may be, just may be, my brother can find the photos on my old hard drive from a very dead laptop. But, who knows.

This is a photo from last year. When my friend and I was waiting on the local buss. Well, I would say it is not hard to take bus in Pune especially when it is not the rush hour. On the other side during rush hour, none should take the bus, because during that time it is horrible. Everyone in the bus are packed like sardines in a cane and also during that time the safety is limited. The control over the situation is limited.
Well, for example when I wanted to travel with the bus was a little bit of a challenge. I avoid the buss during rush over for my safety.
I could not read or speak in Marathi and on the other hand the workers had a very limited vocabulary in English. So our communication was based on simple words in our languages most of the times and body language. I could say, Sir, excuse me, bus to Deccan and made the question mark with my hand. The respond was often, the man showed and pointed out on which bus to take. So my statement is the workers were helpful. They made sure I got the right bus and the conductor made sure I got a seat on women side of the bus.  Also, I have met the worker who has not cared to help me, but then it is just to go the next one and the next one till someone is able to help.
In the end, many of the stories in the media shows often one view of India . But, not everyone on the street or in the bus is bad. No, the media has painted India to be dark country without colors. I agree India can become even better, and it is good media write about the problems India is facing, so India get bigger pressure to change the current situation. On the other side,  I wish media could sometime change the view, or at least  write about how groups in India are working on changing the norms and situations.

The very last, I might not be the right person to write about this sort of things. Because I am not an Indian and right now I am not living in India. But, I felt I needed to write about it. Also the very last, Mumbai and Pune are not like New Delhi and people are different in this three cities.

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