Where has the day passed by?

It feels like I have not done anything during the whole day, But I have.

I have done the laundry, clean my apartment, bought some food items such as milk and bananas. Also, I have started to study for upcoming tests. Well, the tests are not at all fun because I make always some sort of mistake. Either I forget a number, miss to write a good statement. So, as you can understand, I do not like this subjects.
Also, I have the feeling I have ants in my legs and I feel for a long walk in the city. But, I have to study some more and also at 5 pm, I am going for a work out! To the gym, excited. I am going to sweat and feel dead afterwards, that is at least my hope for the workout.


Sorry for the boring picture. But, I do not know what to upload, more photos on my studies? There for you got a picture on my breakfast bowl, oat, banana and soured milk! High five, it is the best breakfast dish I know to have at home.


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