Evening with a friend


So, today evening I went to a friend’s house for barbeque. My very first barbeque for the season.. The whole evening was amazing. With a lot of talk, laugh and good time. The problem was with the local train as always. The train was working somehow, but not perfect.
The meat was perfect, not to dry and not to raw for swedish taste, but too dry for Americans.
After the dinner, I got to try a soup. A taiwanese soup with tofu and pork. As you can hear, this evening was not a typical evening for me.

Just like everyone else

So, we in Stockholm are waiting for the cherry trees to turn pink and not any cherry tree either. The trees we are waiting for are thus at Kungsträdgården. I do not really why, but that is how it is. When the trees have finally got the flowers, then the spring is on the way or is already here. It is so beautiful to be at Kungsträdgården during that time because the pod has water and the trees have the pinkish flowers.

Also, everyone stand under the trees to take photos on them self with the flowers or only on flowers. I took only on the flowers. Soooo beautiful, think to have a mini cherry tree at home!

Barbeque nation tonight

Yes, my friend and I are going to have barbeque for dinner. If I am excited? Yes. Do I like barbeque? Yes, yes. Will it be good weather? Yes, only because of good spring weather we are going to have barbeque.
I do not even remember when the last time I had grilled food. To sit on the deck with the sun on the face and eat something really good. The food might be hotdogs, or meat or something vegetarian. I do not care because it is barbequed!

Also, what is great about my GMAT books, well it turn out I do not need them anymore, due to my plan is fixed and that college II am going to apply for do not require GMAT. While for my friend need the books and will buy them from me! Good, good and good. So we will do business over a meal. Hahaha

A Germen easter bunny

My very first Easter bunny from Germany. Not bad at all, I would say. Normally I do not keep any form of chocolate at home. Chocolate is forbidden. The reason is, I can finish a 200 gram chocolate within 30 minutes. My weakest spot is for chocolate. However, this time I made an excuse. I have had this bunny for a evening, and I can feel the eyes staring on me and say eat me, eat me. But, no, I will not eat the chocolate right now. I can wait till tomorrow to eat it or hide the bunny somewhere in the kitchen.
I got this chocolate bunny from my utis, Utis is a student from on other university who is doing a semester exchange and my utis is from Germany. So, when she came back from the Easter holiday she had the bunny with her for me. It is so sweet of her, to think about me when she was with her family.


Thank god the bunny is made of 60 gram chocolate and not 200 gram!
Also, I think Milka is in India too, but with a much sweeter chocolate.