A Germen easter bunny

My very first Easter bunny from Germany. Not bad at all, I would say. Normally I do not keep any form of chocolate at home. Chocolate is forbidden. The reason is, I can finish a 200 gram chocolate within 30 minutes. My weakest spot is for chocolate. However, this time I made an excuse. I have had this bunny for a evening, and I can feel the eyes staring on me and say eat me, eat me. But, no, I will not eat the chocolate right now. I can wait till tomorrow to eat it or hide the bunny somewhere in the kitchen.
I got this chocolate bunny from my utis, Utis is a student from on other university who is doing a semester exchange and my utis is from Germany. So, when she came back from the Easter holiday she had the bunny with her for me. It is so sweet of her, to think about me when she was with her family.


Thank god the bunny is made of 60 gram chocolate and not 200 gram!
Also, I think Milka is in India too, but with a much sweeter chocolate.


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