Evening out


Evening was with family, so I did not needed to spend an other evening alone. So, first I took a walk and went to NK to have a look on the latest clothes. But, there was nothing which I would say I wish to have it or anything. Instead I figured out what I needed, external hard drive, an other one.
So in the end of the evening I met my family and had a good plate with fish and salad. Also I got a pack of organic eggs from the south of Sweden. Thous eggs are the best, nothing like the food stores eggs.

Amazing weather today too

I might say I have been good from 6:30 till now with my studies. I have study and study with some day dreaming too.
Well, at 10 am and the sky is clear from clouds does not help me with my studies… Instead I feel for taking a walk and leave all studies behind me. On the other side, I have to go to the gym during lunch to for a work out and then I might take just a little longer way on my way home.
The building on the photo is located at Gamla stan and has a very nice cafe with good pies. During the summer when the oak tree is cover with green leaves the cafe becomes even better! The whole enviornment in Gamla stand is extremely cosy, when the streets are empty of tourists.

In the mail

With my specialization in finance and thought I should really understand more about the market. Not because I know I want to work with the stock market or anything like that. It is more because curiosity to read about more beside our literature. To read about real advice and only the theory about modern market portfolio, beta and CAPM. To be able to balance the theoretical with the reality. Therefore I made a decision to join unga aktiesparana, youth stock market savers (direct translation so my bad if the name turns out totally wrong). It is an organization for young investors and the organization provide trips, discounts on books and investments programs, classes and much more.
Hopefully, this will provide more knowledge for me. No harm in testing, not with this sort of things and organization. Best to try and see! At least I am happy because this organization has direct link to my education.
Right now I have to study for an exam in my… FUN!