Chicken and rice


So much food, so much and good.
Just like many other evenings out we went to K25. It is simple, nice and in Stockholm’s heart. K25 has become more and more popular. Even if it was just some days before salary the were almost no empty tables.
My dinner was from Zoccalo, Zoccalo is located in different spots in Stockholm. They located for example opposite to Ã…hlens city. The reason we went to K25 because the other in my company ordered from other restaurants.
Would I order the food again? Yes, chicken, avocado, salad and rice. Good combination, next time I will skip the rice and add more beans or salad.

honey high!

After 8 hours of searching and searching and searching about event studies and the main point facts about oil. I had no idea how hard it is to find proper website about oil and consumption. Therefore, when we finally said bye for today and my energy level was almost on zero. I did the finally way to get energy and the best energy source is khakhra, honey with milk. So, good. Well, the worst part I do not have many left.


Not so wired it is easy to gain weight with khakhra, honey and milk. PURE energy and sweet, just what I like. On the other side, before working out the body need energy. So, may be I am in balance?

What sort of chilli did I get?!

Okay, my dad gave some food supply for me such as milk, ginger, chilli and broccoli. Dad is a little bit like the government, but instead of taking taxes from me he provide benefits (sometimes). He is always there.
Well, this time I got a small bag with red end yellow chilli, ICA eco, organic chilli. Normally, our chilli is weak, not the boring hotness which I have faced. But this time, the chilli was just too hot. While cooking my daal, the air become toxic. In the way I was coughing, eyes were watering and I did not know where to go. I could not leave the kitchen because of the food and I could not stay there because of the chilli air. Somehow I manged it.

I should have understood at that moment the daal would be too spicy. But I did not. Wow, that daal was too spicy. Way too spicy. So the only way to eat it was too mixed it with yoghurt.
Also, I have too mixed the daal with chicken, because the chicken did get any flavor and tasted plain, just like chicken!… Somehow, in my kitchen anything can happen. If it is not chilli toxic air, it is chilli in my eyes or boiling oil popping up like popcorn. There for, in my kitchen anything can happen, it is never boring or it is like a war. Well, one thing is for sure, when I am cooking, the kitchen, the hall and the hall outside my apartment can turn out to have a sens of masala. I need to get a fan. So, my neighbor won’t complain.

I like ali baba

Today I have to study again for the research paper. Therefore there is not need to apply makeup or wear something extremely fancy and try to look good. No, not at all. Instead I can wear more of comfortable clothes. Such as alibaba pants, a simple t-shirt. That is what I like to study at home, the simpleness, but on the other hand, it is also easy to get stuck in this environment. Moreover, today’s evening my family is meeting up for dinner, I do not know where mostly at K25. Then I have to put on a little bit of make up and change pants from alibaba pants to jeans.

Less great with ali baba pants are it is associated with hippis., Well the pants are the best pants on earth. ONE size pants perfect in the heat. So, no hippi for me, but comfort.