found something old


Somethings are hidden in boxes and easily to forget. Especially the small, non special things, the simpleness. Then looking on a photo from the pass and start to wonder where are the earrings and so on. Then, also starting to search for just the specific earrings.
That is how I found this earrings which I bought in India. Then when I came back home I stop using the bigger earrings and preferring smaller earrings, such as pearls and gold earrings.

Sometimes it is the journey

Old photo, very old one from 2010. We were traveling somewhere in India. For the first and the last time I have ever travel in a train without AC. The reason was, the journey was short some hours only and we were suppose to feel the wind. A problem was, the train was super warm, the wind was not cold and we were tried.
Somehow we enjoyed the train. We ate, spoke and just laugh a lot. But, I do not miss the train rides in India. India is a too big country to take the train.
Would I recommend anyone to take the train alone? May be if the person enjoy to speak with strangers. Alone and girl? No, not for many years. On the other side, people should travel alone because the travel meet so many new people during a journey. Also, hear incredible life stories and surprises.


Red, yellow and what else?


Stockholm is such a beautiful city during the spring and summer. Who do not like Stockholm during the this season? Totally opposite to the winter, totally opposite. During the winter Stockholm because too dark, while the spring/summer lighter and lighter. The evenings are pleasant time to walk around.