Coffee from not the common food store. Well, the coffee from the food store are okay to drink during the days but while having guests over it can be nice to provide some special. Therefore I am very happy to get Ethiopian coffee and also coffee from a country south America. Is that not pure luxury? Because Ethiopian coffee is suppose to be one of worlds best coffee producing country. IMG_7880

Spring lovely spring

This weekend I have been busy with studies and work. The work has been calm and very few phone calls. Still, the work is a lot. I got the time to read my book I have only 20 pages left.
Today the sun is shiny and I am sitting inside to find the data and laundry. Hopefully I get the time to take a walk in the evening.
Spring is such a lovely season, I wish we had spring more often and skip the winter season. How will I survive next winter when it is dark, cold and no life?