Never ending fight

For two days ago I had my second meeting with the speech therapist. At this meeting she gave me the document about my dyslexia with the results from the tests and what sort of help she recommends.
Well, the thing is, I have known as long I can remember about my dyslexia. The reason is, during the ago when babies/kids start to talk, I was still quiet and therefore late with it. At that moment they had me tested and the result was dyslexia. So from the early years in kinder garden to the last year in high school I have had weekly meetings with speech therapists and special teachers. Some of them never tought I would manage high school and specially university, but here I am at a university and also soon done with my bba (hopefully).
As you can hear, I am aware of my dyslexia, but, the thing is too see and read the results is hard. Too read about the problem after an other problem make it feels like a list which never ends. The document is providing slaps in the face, which does not end as long as I am reading the document. Then after reading the document my mind is starting to thing why can I break the reading cod? Why can I read faster or why do I have mix up words?
On the other side, think if I did not read on my spare time, how bad my result would have been then!

Right now I wish I had an answer on how to break the reading cod. But, I do not know how.
In the end, dyslexia is a part of me, and it will never go away. Might say, it is a endless fight and if I give up, dyslexia has won over me.


One thing is for sure, dyslexia is not stopping me to live anywhere I want!

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