a dream about coffee


Wow right now I can’t think about anything else then a big cup of latte and watch a movie. Well, I have to wait for an other 2 hours to be at home. Most likely i am going to meet happy party people at the local train. They are on the way out and i am on the way home.
Well, coffee would be amazing right now.

Where have I been?

Yesterday was crazy. The reason is very simple. My friend and I sat for 12 hours with our research paper. We wrote and wrote, faced some problems with diagrams and so on.
Do you know what is the best way to handle that sort of problems? A lot of coffee. Yes, the cups came non-stop. One cup after the other one.
Also, we tested my different sort of coffees. One of the coffee sort tasted AMAZING! Rich in taste and without the bitterness which some can have.

Today, I am going to the gym and the to work. Only because I have a lot of studies does not mean I have got holiday from work.