May be not THE pie, but at least a pie.
So, yesterday I made this amazing pie from our own rhubarbs from last year and forest raspberries from the north.
For sure frozen berries are not the same as fresh picked berries. Still it is too early to pick but the rhubarbs are on the way and all they need is time to grow even bigger.
Sometimes the pie surprise me how easy it is took make. Just mix the dough spread the berries and in the even. There is not stickiness or messiness. Simple and tasty. The pie with ice cream, you can not say no.


If I only had a oven at home I would bake much more. On the other side may be it is good i do not have an oven so I can bake that much of muffins and cookies. Well, somehow I hop to work 75 % during the summer break so I can spend much more time in the north and also be able to study a summer course, also on top of that bake and cook much more! More of enjoying the swedish summer then last year. But, if I work more then 75 % it is good for the wallet. Oh, so much to think about and what to do.

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