Lunch with 7 spices


Well, I do not really know how to use 7 spices, but the sense of the spices are really good. You can feel the cinnamon but then when I try the meat I do not feel the taste. Or may be I am too use to the masala and the hotness. Who knows?
May be 7 spices are good for barbeque.
Also, this dish tasted good. Pork, onion, chilli, mushrooms and garlic. I have to try to make something else with 7 spices.
Well now it is time to study more maths.

Summer course

So, yesterday anonced the lsit of summer courses. Of course I had applied to study some summer courses, well I was not that happy to see the list. I was accapted in one class only and on the waiting list for some other classes.
So, depedning on my work time table I might be able to study religious texts and analysis. This course has nothing to do with my education, it is more for fun and intressting. No harm at all to improve my knowledge about the main religions around the world. But let see how my work time table look like and also, if I can study something. Time to wait and see.
So most likely I won’t get much of summer break, but what to do, that is life!