Last weekened

Last Sunday I met up my dad and we took a long walk around Södermalm for 3 hours. But the weather could not been any better. The sun was shiny and was not burning on the skin but get you warm from the winds. Also, everyone thought the same with perfect weekend spring weather.
However, we came to Hornstull strandväg. The road is only for walkers next to the water and has hipster restaurants.

Well, when we came to Horsntull we met a long market with things from old toy cars to new shoes and a long lane with food trucks! Yes, food trucks. If we had not made plans to eat at home, we most likely would have order some food from the food trucks. There were people everywhere and things to look on.

The thing is I do not know how often this market is happening, but it was a nice surprise. Hopefully I get time to go there again and at that time order something from the food trucks.


I know the photo is not at all good. But at least you can an idea.

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