Can you live here?


What a building, not that bad next to the water.
I would not have anything against to live here beside the house is too far away from the society.
But, near to museums and skanasen.

20 minutes walk and you got this

Yesterday before the dinner, I could not stay at home any longer. Even after a bodypump work out at Nordic wellness, my body still had extra energy.
Well, for an hours or so I took a walk with many other joggers and walkers around Djurgården and Gärdet next to the water. The nature took me by surprise with the quietness and lack of people. It is just some minutes from the city but still extremely few people. May be everyone is going to Skansen instead of a walk. Well, I shall not complain.
Also, a friend got photo on the nature and her answer on whatsapp was, it is so clean and they rarely find this neatness. It was like Kashmir she thought.

El Taco truk

We did not go to K25 yesterday, instead we visited El Taco Truck at Östermalm.
Simple place and fresh. The dishes are chicken, beef and/or black beans. But the change the flavors, spices on them. Last time the chicken was with chocolate and this time it was with something else. So, the person can decided how many super small tortillas he/she wants to eat from 1 and up.

My brother and I ordered 4 each while on the other side my dad ordered 3. For tortillas is for less then 100 Kr. A good place for students.


My dish contain 2 chicken (little more spicy then the rest), 1 bean and 1 beef.