High heels are out from the box

Yesterday I had a crazy day.
First of all, during the whole day I did not have any special to do. Like study a bit took a walk and so on. But then in the evening everything happened. I went to a workout group class (not that great because the trainer spoke about nonsense during the songs and sang with the songs in the microphone). Then a fast shower and dinner to run to the Rotract meeting.
Well, because of the beautiful evening and the need of dressing up I took my only very summerish high heels shoes (comfortable too). Most of my shoes are black perfect for fall and winter.
The green high heels are never used before and been in the with all my other shoes for 2 years. My family in Canada gifted them to me when I was there to visit them.


This type of heels are never out, every summer the brands sell this sort of heels. Every year, also with the same color.
Well, I thought of this shoes with my back Ritu Kumar dress or with a green top. So many dresses works with them! This summer I have to use this shoes much more! Heels are in and flats are out (Not at all). Heels are beautiful but really uncomfortable for longer walks.

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