Finding fanny

Movie was great. A bit funny and stupid. The actors made a good job and the environment, the nature is amazing.
Then after the movie they had a discussion with the great actor.


Also, the movie is a movie I can see again. Simple and make you laugh. What more can you ask? So, would i recommend the movie, yes.

Bollywood movie evening

So, this evening I am going to see Finding fanny, a bollywood movie. I hope the movie is good but I do not know. It is so hard to tell with movies. Well, keep your fingers cross.
Due to the movie I decided to wear a dress which I found at my parents house. The dress has been my mom’s party dresser in the 80’s as you can see with the style but somehow that is the beauty with the dress. My mom said, even if the dress has been dinner/party dresses, it is better you use it then the dress just lying in a box. So, I got it!
While looking on the dress you can see the dress is loos and big but suits pretty good for the summer in my opinion. The fabric is very soft and comfortable and does not cut in anywhere.


Typical to not carry my camera with me

Yesterday evening my dad and I met up and took a walk around the city. Somehow we ended up eating dinner at a small La neta restaurant. The was almost new cue when we arrived but pretty long when we left. I would say the public is people with the first real job after university.
La neta is simmulare with Taco truck but with more contaminations and much hotter food. A lot. They have both veg and non-veg dishes.
I ordered Chilorio (long-cooked turkey), Raja (mixed veg) and Flor (mixed veg) without cheese.

I would say 3 is little too less for me. Also somehow even if Taco Truck has a limited offers so prefer I taco truck over La neta. One reason is Taco truck has less spicy and somehow the food feel more fresh then La neta.