Typical to not carry my camera with me

Yesterday evening my dad and I met up and took a walk around the city. Somehow we ended up eating dinner at a small La neta restaurant. The was almost new cue when we arrived but pretty long when we left. I would say the public is people with the first real job after university.
La neta is simmulare with Taco truck but with more contaminations and much hotter food. A lot. They have both veg and non-veg dishes.
I ordered Chilorio (long-cooked turkey), Raja (mixed veg) and Flor (mixed veg) without cheese.

I would say 3 is little too less for me. Also somehow even if Taco Truck has a limited offers so prefer I taco truck over La neta. One reason is Taco truck has less spicy and somehow the food feel more fresh then La neta.

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