Function tonight

Tonight I am going to a function that India embassy has organized. I am really looking forward to go. Perfect end for this week and weekend.

So for the function I am going to wear this pretty little dress by Ritu Kumar. I bought the dress in 2011 but almost never used. My handbag is a simple black longchamp. I have not decided if I am going for high heels or flats, let see.


Okay, yesterday my brother and I went to the gym. After some months without wight lifting. It actually felt good to be back.
But, I realized how weak I have become, the weakness is not a news but to acutely see it and feel it is not that pleasant feeling. So, today I am just going there to do some cardio to let my muscles to rest but tomorrow I will attending the gym again.
My brother told me, we are going to 8×3 and the last push should be so have that you can not almost lift the weight. Only because to get big muscles. I think my brother become little irritated on me because I was not sure how much I could take and went on the safe side instead of too much weight at once. So I heard a lot, if you want to become strong take more weight, you can take more weight, you are stronger then you think. Therefore tomorrow I have to lift weights again but that time I have to be alone in the gym (I hate to be alone in the gym). Somehow the loneliness in the gym makes me feel stupid when I have rest and have none to talk with.


Fast food

Before the movie I made simple fast food in my super small kitchen. Fresh chicken breast, tomatoes, corn, different masala and green curry with coconut milk. With supper little masala can add flavors on any sort of food. So, did the food turn out good? yes, simple and good. Perfect to have at home but no good idea to have in a food box to college.

With this dish, I had some tortilla bread. So it ended up that I ate tortilla like chapati.


As long I have my masla I can cook and liking my food. But when a dish does not have masala or hotness the dish is a bit tasteless.