Okay, yesterday my brother and I went to the gym. After some months without wight lifting. It actually felt good to be back.
But, I realized how weak I have become, the weakness is not a news but to acutely see it and feel it is not that pleasant feeling. So, today I am just going there to do some cardio to let my muscles to rest but tomorrow I will attending the gym again.
My brother told me, we are going to 8×3 and the last push should be so have that you can not almost lift the weight. Only because to get big muscles. I think my brother become little irritated on me because I was not sure how much I could take and went on the safe side instead of too much weight at once. So I heard a lot, if you want to become strong take more weight, you can take more weight, you are stronger then you think. Therefore tomorrow I have to lift weights again but that time I have to be alone in the gym (I hate to be alone in the gym). Somehow the loneliness in the gym makes me feel stupid when I have rest and have none to talk with.



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