Gym and a dead computer

my brother is my hero. He try to help me with my computer. Every time my computer irritates me or create a problem for me he is there to help me. So, today he tried to reset W8.1 but the hard drive did not want to work. So, what to do now? Time to by a new computer. While he tried to fix my computer I went to the gym and ran 6,5 km under 40 minutes. I am happy with the result buy I know I can do it better. Much better.
Well, also I really hope to be able to sleep proper, but all the stress with the paper effects my sleep. So may be I shall just work out till my body do not have anymore energy. Does it work? Therefore I have to upload a old photo on one of my favorite dishes. Bhel, impossible to say but too good to be true.


Lucky Indians to have this sort of street food. Why cannot any restaurant serve this? Not even food trucks have bhel!! why, this is so india. More India then Butter chicken, haha.

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