Exam exam andm exam

I am surprised, seriously. Only once I woke up this night (like many other nights). But manage to fall asleep again after the new papers had arrived. Also, with my plan to sleep as long I wanted did not turn out that good. Instead of have a nice sleep morning,, I woke up at 7. So there were not other options then to wake up and have breakfast.

So, I have plan to go to bodypump work out at 12ish, 60 minutes long work out. I am so going to be dead. But hopefully the work out will be fun. I have been to 45 minutes long, and that work out was not too bad. But may be the last 15 minutes are the worst.

Also, after the exam 5-9 pm I have to head to my parents to collect my new laptop. No time to lose, because tomorrow morning my research partner and I have to start to write the paper again.


Photo is from Pune, from near by SB road.

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