exam today too

I am not looking forward to 5 pm – 9 pm. Exam, exam and exam. It should not be hard to pass the exam because the only thing I have to do right is the numbers. Numbers are not my strongest side. I do not know why, but I always read a number wrong or do something which is not right.
However, I hope I manage this backlog and pass the subject. I HAVE TO.

Well, yesterday my dear dad had a gift for me at home. More right he had bought a new laptop, because my old one died. I do not know, but me and laptop are not a good combination. So, right now I am trying to learn how the laptop works and wow I love it!



So, the evening dessert was really good. A mixed of India with Sweden. Saffron with berries from a typical garden. When I heard the chef book is soon out in the stores, I thought to buy the book. The book is about his trip around India for 100 days and experience street food. So, the book is about his journey and has some recipes.


The meal

The last weekend’s event was incredible. Not only was there interesting people but also, incredible performances. We saw dance performances and songs.
So, the chef for the evening was a Indian man who has written a book which is soon out on amazon.
On every table, the chef provide papers with the whole menu.

The dishes were really good, little sad that the coffee was at 00.