Tired of this “cool” guys

So, right now, when I was on my way home from my parents house. There was a group of 4 teenagers guys. I think they were 18 years old. You know, this sort of teenagers who have no real aims and trying to be cool, wearing caps and using as much as possible of bad words This sort of teenagers were at the metro station.
They were calling each other for one word after the other, then they were talking about girls and the numbers they have got. What they said about the girls were not the greatest things either, more or less how stupid the girls were and more. Then, from no were they started to try to get contact with me and asked for my number. Like what is wrong with them? Who on earth would give them the number after hearing what they have called each other and girls. Did they think I was that naïve or stupid? They were discussion about my look and then the metro came, thank good. So I left them and they were still talking towards me or each other.  Even if they are younger to me, they created a bad environment. Like, who on earth do they think they are? Do not they have any manners? Also, with that attitude they are the biggest losers in the society. I whish someone (the parents) could teach the sons how to behavior as human being. Because what they were pure animals.
Why can not all the guys and also girls act proper? What is wrong? Who gave them permission to act like that? I am so tired of tis behavior. Guys are not cool for being a fool.


The photo taken at Rocky mountains, Alberta, Canada

At home

For dinner I visited my parents house. Normally the diet at my parents house is hot dogs, meatballs or herring with pasta and something more. Cooking real food happens when we have the energy, time and so on. But mostly, we only want the food on the table within some minutes.
So, today’s dinner was like the normal dinners. Nothing special food but at least I got company with my dad. Therefore the dinner did taste better then normally, think how funny a company can change the experience of the food. Normally at my own home, I cook my food and instead of a company with a person I watch a tv-program on my computer. During breakfast I have got the habit to stand in kitchen next to the sink and eat (so wired but I like it). To go to the kitchen table is not on my mind either, but may be once in the blue moon I can have my breakfast at the table. Living alone lead to people create wired habits, which does not always make any sense for a outsider.
IMG_7988Simple dinner but okay at least.

Now I know what I need

I am so disappointed on myself. Not because of studies or work. No, this is about the gym. Today after the college I went to the gym and thought time to work out and sweat. Well do you think I swat? No, not really. I did not push myself to lift the little extra. Then the question is, what is wrong? I know if I want to get any form of results I have to push myself to lift the last time or add a extra kg. But I am to afraid of failing or drop the weight on my toes or head. It is ridicules to think that, but I do. I have no problem to speed up the cardio machine. But with the weight I need someone to push me.
Are there are people facing the same problem as me? because I have hard to think I am the only one. But how to tackle this problem? Are there anyone needing a work out buddy?
Frustration on high level because I do want to be able to pull my self up, I can not do it right now, instead I need a lot of support from the machine.


Time pass by way to fast

Today is a red day in Sweden due to some religious story about Jesus and heaven. I do not really know the story and shall not explain more, because I do not want to upset anyone and to show my extremely limited knowledge.
So today’s plan is very simple, college and then work out most likely with weights and then home to my parents for dinner.
I hope my dad will prepare something really yummy. Hopping also he will read this post and cook some sort of meat.

However, the time pass by way too fast, because it feels like this (the paper) never ends but the time is very limited. Everyone who does not study have holiday, while we students do not have holidays ever.
I think this is a photo I got from a friend. I think it is a photo from Afghanistan.