At home

For dinner I visited my parents house. Normally the diet at my parents house is hot dogs, meatballs or herring with pasta and something more. Cooking real food happens when we have the energy, time and so on. But mostly, we only want the food on the table within some minutes.
So, today’s dinner was like the normal dinners. Nothing special food but at least I got company with my dad. Therefore the dinner did taste better then normally, think how funny a company can change the experience of the food. Normally at my own home, I cook my food and instead of a company with a person I watch a tv-program on my computer. During breakfast I have got the habit to stand in kitchen next to the sink and eat (so wired but I like it). To go to the kitchen table is not on my mind either, but may be once in the blue moon I can have my breakfast at the table. Living alone lead to people create wired habits, which does not always make any sense for a outsider.
IMG_7988Simple dinner but okay at least.

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