Now I know what I need

I am so disappointed on myself. Not because of studies or work. No, this is about the gym. Today after the college I went to the gym and thought time to work out and sweat. Well do you think I swat? No, not really. I did not push myself to lift the little extra. Then the question is, what is wrong? I know if I want to get any form of results I have to push myself to lift the last time or add a extra kg. But I am to afraid of failing or drop the weight on my toes or head. It is ridicules to think that, but I do. I have no problem to speed up the cardio machine. But with the weight I need someone to push me.
Are there are people facing the same problem as me? because I have hard to think I am the only one. But how to tackle this problem? Are there anyone needing a work out buddy?
Frustration on high level because I do want to be able to pull my self up, I can not do it right now, instead I need a lot of support from the machine.



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