Time pass by way to fast

Today is a red day in Sweden due to some religious story about Jesus and heaven. I do not really know the story and shall not explain more, because I do not want to upset anyone and to show my extremely limited knowledge.
So today’s plan is very simple, college and then work out most likely with weights and then home to my parents for dinner.
I hope my dad will prepare something really yummy. Hopping also he will read this post and cook some sort of meat.

However, the time pass by way too fast, because it feels like this (the paper) never ends but the time is very limited. Everyone who does not study have holiday, while we students do not have holidays ever.
I think this is a photo I got from a friend. I think it is a photo from Afghanistan.


2 thoughts on “Time pass by way to fast

    • Yes, I can not believe we are in the ending weeks of May and soon having summer break from college. Where did the time go? Also, Some days are not more then 10 degrees, and we are suppose to have summer soon. I can not believe it.

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