Tired of this “cool” guys

So, right now, when I was on my way home from my parents house. There was a group of 4 teenagers guys. I think they were 18 years old. You know, this sort of teenagers who have no real aims and trying to be cool, wearing caps and using as much as possible of bad words This sort of teenagers were at the metro station.
They were calling each other for one word after the other, then they were talking about girls and the numbers they have got. What they said about the girls were not the greatest things either, more or less how stupid the girls were and more. Then, from no were they started to try to get contact with me and asked for my number. Like what is wrong with them? Who on earth would give them the number after hearing what they have called each other and girls. Did they think I was that naïve or stupid? They were discussion about my look and then the metro came, thank good. So I left them and they were still talking towards me or each other.  Even if they are younger to me, they created a bad environment. Like, who on earth do they think they are? Do not they have any manners? Also, with that attitude they are the biggest losers in the society. I whish someone (the parents) could teach the sons how to behavior as human being. Because what they were pure animals.
Why can not all the guys and also girls act proper? What is wrong? Who gave them permission to act like that? I am so tired of tis behavior. Guys are not cool for being a fool.


The photo taken at Rocky mountains, Alberta, Canada


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