Friday the 15th

Well, today is birthday days for some of my family members. Also, today means I have only very few days left to my own birthday. May be, I am not that excited for my own birthday because I have to work from 7 am to 4 pm. Also, I won’t get any birthday cake in the morning or I do not think I will get any at all. Which is very sad, because that has been one of our traditions for year. May be I have to make my own cake, but I do not have an own. The only thing I am excited about is I hoping we are going to have real kebab. Not this Turkish kebab no, the real tasty and amazing kebab.


This photo is taken in Gamla stan.
Enough of complaining, today I have done some research for our paper, and the I have to laundry, meet a friend and on top of that go to the gym. It feels like I have a busy day AGAIN.


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