What an evening

So, after my shift got over my dad was outside the office to pick me up. He draw to the city to the restaurant where everyone were waiting on us. On the way to the restaurant I asked him why are we walking toward the station. There is no good restaurant. Because, train station has the association  of fast food, coffee shops. But how wrong that statement was.
In side the station there is a big fresh restaurant. We ate at Luzette. A very fresh and clean restaurant. It did not feel like we were at the station.
But, somehow when I saw we were not going to have kebab I was a little bit disappointed. The reason is I have been dreaming about having this juicy kebab made of lam and also beef. That is my current craving. However, Luzette was a big hit. A typical restaurant to order a dish and drink a glass of wine with.

Luzette matsal


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