New form Kazakstan or was it Kirgizstan

So, may be my old indoor shoes from India have got a completion. This shoes are from one of the stan country, I do not know which one. The shoes are very warm and comfortable to use. At the same time extremely different form our style in Sweden and the west countries. Really, comfortable but I would never use them outside my flat.


About love and love

I have finally complete the book about the Pashtuns. The book was good but with all the names on top leaders and so on, made me a bit confused.
So, now I have started to read a Swedish book after many months with English books. The book has been one of my mom’s old literature books’ for her education, the book was standing in the shelf with a lot of other interesting books. I would say my parents have a lot of interesting books and I can choose anyone book I want to read.

This book is written by Francesco Alberoni and original name is “Innamoramento e amore”, I have no idea what the book calls in Englis.
However, the book is about love. Why do we fall in love, what is love and many more questions are asked and answered. The first chapter is about general terms what is love, and write about love is a collective just like revolutions which create a “we”. Just to build up love is not that easy as the reader might have thought before starting to read the book.
The aouther wrote about if two people are falling in love there has to be an obstacle such as culture, geographic difference. Francesco gave examples about Juliet and Romeo, with both families are enemies and still Juliet and Romeo fall in love, obstacle. How would the family react if they got to know about them, and much more.
Yes, Juliet and Romeo is a play, but I really think it is true about obstacle. If there the people do not face a problem, then the passion for each other won’t exist and no struggle. So, instead of falling in love they become friends.


Really, I recommend this book. It is interesting and easy to understand. May be the earth would have more love if everyone read the book.

So what was the gifts?

Well, my brother and I have agreed to not give each other any gifts as long we are students and do not have a real income. The reason is very simple, we prefer to save our money to be able to spend on something we really want to have/use. Also just to buy a gift, for the sake of giving a gift feels unassay for us. We are waiting to the time we have a fixed income. But, we are giving gifts to our parents and grandparents, but not between us.
So, the gifts I received were, a hand towel, a lens and money. The towel is perfect because the thieves from the break in got a lot of my towels. I have wished for the lens to take photos on distance, because the lens with the camera is limited. Also, money are always good to get, especially when I am planning to travel next year.

One of my Achilles Heel

May be this is one of my biggest Achilles heel, my weak spot. Not only good food, which I think almost everyone are weak for. No, my Achilles heel is liver. I have love all sort of liver. So, when I saw the menu and for starts the restaurant had duck liver, I was sold out. I knew that was the plate for me to start with.
As you can see the food was nicely decorated. The green ball was with pumpkin seeds and inside a white cheese. Well, the only thing I do not like but can eat it without any problem is fresh figs. On the other side dry figs are so sweet and yummy just like candies.


While the rest of the company ordered white asparagus. Asparagus are good too but nothing can compare with duck liver. What I heard was the white asparagus were really good too. We all enjoyed the food. At the dessert my family gave me the birthdays gifts, which was exactly what I asked for. For the first time I only got what I asked for. I WAS SO LUCKY!