One of my Achilles Heel

May be this is one of my biggest Achilles heel, my weak spot. Not only good food, which I think almost everyone are weak for. No, my Achilles heel is liver. I have love all sort of liver. So, when I saw the menu and for starts the restaurant had duck liver, I was sold out. I knew that was the plate for me to start with.
As you can see the food was nicely decorated. The green ball was with pumpkin seeds and inside a white cheese. Well, the only thing I do not like but can eat it without any problem is fresh figs. On the other side dry figs are so sweet and yummy just like candies.


While the rest of the company ordered white asparagus. Asparagus are good too but nothing can compare with duck liver. What I heard was the white asparagus were really good too. We all enjoyed the food. At the dessert my family gave me the birthdays gifts, which was exactly what I asked for. For the first time I only got what I asked for. I WAS SO LUCKY!

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