Great evening

So, today was a really busy day. College from 8 to 6. Then home, drop my computer at home. Went to meet the first designer and spend the evening with her and one who is helping with organizing the upcoming event. Well, the evening passed by so fast and from no were the time was 9 and then 11:20 pm. We ate Tapas next to Drottninggatan. The designer showed a photo with her clothes and I can say this INCREDIBLE. Just like art!

Then, after our first meeting. It was time to run at the gym. Also, I have always wanted to see who is at the gym at 00. So, it was just to go there and work out for 30 min. We were very few people at the gym, most of the were guys, maybe 5 people. Peaceful at least.
Now the time is 2 am and I have to wake up at 6:ish….. This week won’t provide a lot of sleep.

The photo is from Pune, December 2014.



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