Sunday luxury

Well, I do not think I can express my feelings about how badly I want the thesis to be over. Really, it is so tyring, especielly when I know I am doing mistakes in the text but I can not see where the mistakes are. However, my friend and I sat in college for the whole day and my dad came to pick me up. Not bad, na. To skip the busses, metro and so on.
At home, my dad had made this lovely meat. First he had fride the meat and then in the oven. The meat tasted amazing. Really good. Also, on top of that, the meat was not from a typical food store. Instead the meat came from the north of Sweden, Klövsjö. We bought it from Kullensgårds mejeri, which means the meat was even better.


The upper photo is on the gravy and photo under is on the meat. I wish I had a oven at my place. My dad tried to make the dish in the same way as how meat was made in the 1950 and so. Well, I think he made it really good! I have not had this great food for a week or more.


The shows

Great event, so much people I have not seen for a time. But of course yesterday with the great weather people came to kungsträdgården. Also, of course we got stuck in traffic jam. instead of 5 minutes journey, the journey took us 45 minutes. That did not feel good at all.
But, at Kungsträdgården we wanted the crowded to be there and enjoy all the performances. There were dance, song and much more to watch. So, may be it was not so wired people were in the city. Also, at that day an other event was happening, the colure run.


In heaven again

After the shows with the collecting, organizing the clothes, shoes, make up and so on we were on the way to the taxi the ambassador of India or more right to say Aunty came and requested us to have dinner. We hadn´t had lunch and almost no snacks either just a fruit, so the dinner tasted amazing. We got chicken rolls from “India street food” food truck. That dish tasted amazing. We could finally rest and have a great meal at kungsträdgården. Also, aunty was there, other people from the embassy.

For sure I will order at an other time food from Indian street food truck.

First show is over

I am loving this time with my new friends from India. Even if my sleep is getting spoiled and the time to o household works don’t exist. Every single minutes are great. The only thing is I wish I could spend more time with them. The designers’ and ma’am are awesome people. Also, the show went great. During the show the time was limited but we manage to change the dresses and walk in wired shoes, so on top of that having a great time.
On Monday we have to everything again at the Gala dinner.

Preparation at the hotel, ironing every top, skirt, dress you name it. While occupying the corridor and listing to Hindi songs. So much work.