Breakfast meeting again and the show

So, today I have to be at the hotel at 6:30/45 to have breakfast with ma’am and the designers. Of course I have start to learn again about the timings. To say we have to go at 7:45 to reach the hotel means 8 am. Well, that is how it works, timings are flexible.
Well, right now the designers and ma’am are at a meeting and I am at home to study. Well, tonight we have an other fashion show to take care of at a hotel. So, hopefully we will create a great show for the audience once more and of course my dad is my camera man. My dad used my lines which I got on my birthday. Perfect timing to get a lines for distances.

This was one of the girls’ design. Really well done I am in love with the whole outfit on the end girl on the right.


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